January 12, Recon Deployment

Deployed PilotsEdit


  • Sayuri Gonzaga suffered a abdomen injury and was incapacitated.  Full recovery.


Made contact with the clickers, at first they were disorganized.  Preliminary investigations into a nearby bank revealed signs of inhabitation.  Further investigation proved a live female subject later to be identified as Lina Melgraffe has been surviving in this wasteland.  Rescue directive issued as a class 1 priority.  Upon evacuation contact was made with an attack party of bugs led by 2 warriors.  Kill/Capture directive issued for the new warrior specimens as a class 2 priority.  After clearance of the attack force, a few survivors were left, and a capture directive for a drone specimen was issued as a class 2 priority.  Despite a close call at the bunker entrance, all objectives were completed.  Mission Success.

Research MaterialEdit

  • Video of new specimen: 2 pts
  • Video of new behavior (enrage): 2 pts
  • Carcus of new specimen (warrior): 5 pts
  • Live capture of specimen (drone): 5 pts
  • Mission Completion Bonus: 2 pts